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A patgo (additionally spelled padgo, pad-gaud, and different variations) was once a Pensacola lifestyle courting to come back to the Spanish period. It became akin to the Previous International activity of "popinjay" in which contributors take turns taking pictures at a man-made poultry atop a pole.

In a letter dated November 22, 1822, U.S. Foremost Basic George A. McCall awarded an account of a patgo he witnessed, hosted via Juan de los angeles Rua at his property (Gull Level) overlooking Escambia Bay:

It can be an enjoyment of historical starting place, or even in this day and age seems held in prime esteem in pensacola. The preliminaries are performed during this manner: some days ahead of the amusement is to turn up, the Host, having procured the determine of a very good chook cock, of huge measurement, normal out of a tricky knotty block of picket, during which passes vertically an iron rod, whereupon the determine gently whirls approximately like a weathercock. He sends this brand of the gallant hen, fixed upon a crew, via a gayly dressed servant to the homes of the invited honest ones; and every female featuring a group of ribbons or a feather for his lavatory, quickly his various honors floating from his aspects dress him with a plumage of the brightest dyes.

This leisure, I'm informed, is absolutely not in anyway so original because it became a few years in the past, for the reason that households of the older population are becoming merged into the mass of the yank populace. At the day appointed for the fete, the Patgo or Recreation Hen, is fastened on a excessive flag-personnel, and the gents who're to contend for prizes, are assembled with their female-loves less than a spacious arbor erected for the party. This can be on the distance of approximately sixty yards from the mark, at which the gallants are to check out their talent with their rifles. At any time when a ribbon is decrease, the lucky marksman brings it into the bower, in which it really is recognizes as her featuring via the girl who had positioned it at the chicken; the gentleman thereupon claims her as his accomplice for the 1st dance to be triumphant the general destruction of the Patgo; he's likewise entitled to put on the trophy of his talent at this button-gap in the course of the day.…

While each of the travellers had arrived, the doorways of the breakfast-room had been thrown open, and the disclosure of a considerable and prosperous repast regaled the senses of the corporate, on whom the brand new air of morning had now not did not workout its appetizing effect. A joyous hour changed into surpassed on the breakfast-desk; and throughout the time of an additional hour the sound of a bugle which is called in combination the scattered corporations, a number of whom had been wandering inside the backyard looking for bouquets, at the same time as others have been on foot beneath the oak-bushes, or seated at the terrace in contemplation of the surroundings in the front. This was once the sign to fix to the sector of movement. All events briskly accrued on the condominium; the following our host and hostess, observed by using an outsized bevy of gallants and belles, led tips on how to the grounds, wherein a protracted arbor, composed of magnolia-branches, open at the north facet, have been erected. Right here a band of track used to be enjoying a martial air; seats had been put for the lodging of the women, affording them a view of the Patgo, which was once already multiplied on its tall personnel, sixty yards in the front. evening dresses for tall ladies

Right this moment in entrance of the centre of the arbor used to be somewhat projection, which shaded a put up, into the perimeters of which picket pins have been pushed for the aim of affording a "relax" to these of the aspirants for contrast as marksmen who selected to avail themselves of such high quality support; even though, to the credits of the hunters of Florida, it ought to be recounted that however only a few of them deigned to invite assistance from a "leisure," — "off-hand" capturing being the typical follow among the ones whose martial tastes led them to select the rifle.